Now we finished LED lighs commercial for a BRILLE store chain.

Besides plot and scenario developement this project included next seven steps...


After the chain of annoying TV commercials with skinny and disgusting cat, which was a parody on a company {simplepopup popup="false" name="brillesitelogo"}{/simplepopup}{simplepopup link="brillesitelogo"}site logo{/simplepopup}, we had to make a character good image restoration.
It should be crafty, smart cat, but funny, cute and devoted to family he belongs to.
So, at first, we made a "draft" model. After that it was edited according to client's sketches and propositions. Then model topology and hair rig system was edited and optimized.
After we had done several animation tests in demo animation "Fresskas" we edited model topology, rebuilt bones and facial rig and skin systems. Fur rig system was made from scratch one more time.

As a legacy from previous commercials, client has sources of some characters and all necessary rights to use them. So, we got a request to use this assets. Character models were edited, retextured and weared on the new skeletal, facial and hair-growth systems

There should have been two more characters in the commercial - a Boy, a son of Husband and Wife, with a slingshot in his arms, and a very nosy and envious Neighbor.
The boy should symbolize smashed lightbulbs horror as well as restless element of childish mischiefs. It should accentuate diiference between old fragile lightbulbs and new resistant and durable LED-based light elements.
An envious Neighbor is an typical Ukrainian(may be not only Ukrainian) archetype of neighbor.  

House of Husband and Wife, house of Neibour, backyard, swimming pool and a piece of roadway have been modelled from scratch. Also has been remodelled ready assets of hardscape, some stuff, delivery car, some trees etc.
After that grass-growth rig was created and we've started next step

Animation is usual refference-based (no mocap), facial expressions and body movemment was recorded from live actors.
For 5seconds movie (version 2) used iray(GPU) for all passes except atmospherics (there used scanline).
For 30seconds movie used VrayRT(GPU) with spliting the scene on foreground and background due to huge amount of geometry and GPU memory limitations. Some characters and light sources also were rendered in separate layer and composed at postproduction stage.

We've made 11 movies (4 for Kiev stores and 7 more - for regional stores.)
The difference is in adresses, phone numbers and other contact info on car, vizit cards, lightbulb packages and in audio track.