Preparing the "birdhouse"
Food is here - cat pretends he is still not going hunts them"

The animation was created for «Minianima» project that was a part of the «Відкрита Ніч дубль 15» annual film festival (created with the thought - «why not?»)
According to the rules, the task was to draw a cat in a state of the philosophical enlightenment that is making a birdhouse for sparrows (less than 10 seconds, cyclic animation)
Overall, the composition looks like it was described above. But if you take a closer look to where he is hammering the next portion of nails, you can notice that the entrance of birdhouse is very small so that sparrows will not be able to fly out alive...
You see the crafty cat is going to hunt. And the sparrow shaker is ready.
Animation was awarded with "Professional choice award" in "Animation" category at the "3DPolygon 2011 - Полигон для творчества" annual contest.